Emerald City Comics FCBD Event

I had a great time yesterday as a guest at Emerald City Comics Free Comic Book Day event. This was my first signing in quite a long time and I’m hopeful I’ll be able to do more of these in the months ahead, assuming we aren’t all in Pandemic lockdown again. I sold almost all of my inventory of Hark #1, along with a few copies of some of my other comics and a few commissioned sketches. Also, I was in good company, seated next to guest artists Anthony Hary and Filipe ‘Fil’ Bergson. It was great talking shop with them while meeting old and new fans. Lastly, thank you to the fine folks at Emerald City for having me as a guest. EC is one of the very best comic shops in Florida and if you’re a local or visiting the area, I highly recommend a visit there.


PERSONAL WORKS MAY 24, 2021 Conan: A Rebellion of Ghosts is a Marvel spec script I wrote last year, but unfortunately I couldn’t find an opportunity to pitch it to editorial. Undaunted, I’ve decided to create a faux cover art and post the work online as a freebie. As much as I love being immersed in creator-owned projects like Hark, there are a few licensed characters out there that are on my writing bucket list. Conan is at the top of that list, and I had too much fun writing him to just let this story collect digital dust on my hard drive. So, I’m posting the first part here as a downloadable pdf and plan to get the second part posted in the next month or two. Enjoy!


As of this writing, I’m penciling page 24 of HARK #2, so I’m getting a bit closer to the finish line. In fact, you can see for yourself at my new Twitch live-stream! Go here to get caught up on the last two streams or just follow along for notifications of the next one. The whole thing is a bit experimental and I’m still getting used to the idea of live-streaming, but so far it’s been fun. Hope to see you there.



Here’s my first illustration of 2021. I’m a big fan of the Chris Claremont/John Byrne run on X-men, which means that in my head canon, there is only one Dark Phoenix and she’s still dead. Also, as a Graphic Designer, I just couldn’t resist placing this art into a retro faux Marvel cover design. I created a Dark Phoenix logo (I don’t think there is an established logo design for it) and used the classic Uncanny X-men and Marvel 1980’s era logo for an extra dash of nostalgia.


My favorite issues of Swamp Thing were the Alan Moore & Steve Bissette/John Totleben run during the mid-1980’s. Lately, I’ve been compelled to revisit some of these great comics. In doing so, I was inspired to illustrate an alternate cover art that summarizes one of the pivotal story arcs in that series. Also, it’s October so it seemed a perfect choice.


I’m outraged, angry and saddened at how many Americans have reacted to the pandemic and to the hard truth of fully unveiled racism. There is no unifying tragedy here. It’s fragmented the country further. In this new illustration, Cap is ready for action, but I wanted to convey uncertainty. He doesn’t really know what to do anymore. He’s a symbol caught between ideologies and narratives. He’s masked because he would be masked. He’s a patriot, he’s doing his part to protect his fellow American. On the street, in the chaos. He’s standing at a precipice.


Press Release 01/20/2020


Hudson, Florida 01/22/20 – Scott Reed’s Beyond Forward Comics presents HARK, the first issue of a bold new 6-issue science fiction mini-series. Reed is best known for his critically acclaimed Image Comics mini-series The Overman, one of the writers of Marvel Comics Realm of Kings (Son Of Hulk, Microverse: Enigma Force) and his creator-owned meta-textual super-hero graphic novel, Saga Of A Doomed Universe. His new work, Hark, is poised to be a magnum opus that promises to push the boundaries of the comics medium.

About Hark, Reed explains, “I’ve never attempted to write and draw something on this scale before. Hark has one of the most dramatic character arcs I’ve ever written, and the stakes couldn’t be higher. It’s the kind of story that should appeal to fans of Dune, 2001 and Terminator.”

Hark is an android pacifist philosopher who converted a war-torn planet into a peaceful utopia. After solving all their problems, he went into sleep-mode, while the entire civilization was bombed into the stone age by a mysterious alien force. Now, every inhabited planet in the universe faces the same fate. Hark wakes up to learn of a terrible, hidden purpose behind his programming. He has no choice but to betray his teachings of peace, realizing that he is the only one who can stop this firestorm of cosmic extermination…because he’s the one who accidentally sparked it. 

Hark #1 is now on sale from:
Digital edition at Comixology: http://bit.ly/2supii2
Print edition at IndyPlanet: http://www.indyplanet.com/hark-1